The Cake Is A Lie!

Hello all! My name is Colorful Sinister and I am going to be joining you all on this fantastic little blog here. I know this is going to completely throw everything off because Liane is an amazing photographer and a fashionista and I am…. Not, well Liane you asked for it when you asked me to start blogging. Now no one will know what kind of style blog this is! Oh well the show must go on!

Well Lianes been asking me to do this for awhile and I am lazy so I’ve been putting it off but after Kesseret Steeplechase, owner of MIAO, herd my cries on plurk for a Drama Llama shirt and so kindly sent me the amazing one she had made I knew I had to share. HOWEVER, it is not available in her store… to my knowledge…. I searched for it. I didn’t feel right showcasing is so I shall show you all another one of her shirts that tickled my funny bone.
The Cake Is A Lie!!!! My friends and I make this joke all the time in RL and it never gets old. Like this shirt everything from MIAO is fantastically made, their jewelry is so beautiful OMG go see it.

Goes super well with the super awesome jeans from Somnia which you can expect to see more from on this blog shortly from me seeing how I LOVE them. And about the mustache… Picked up a million years ago when I joined SL from SarahNerd, not sure if it’s still there but SarahNerd is so it’s worth a check seeing how it’s free!
Here’s a look at the awesome Drama Llama shirt because it was too good not to show at least once!

Ps. Sorry this post was super long, I’ll try not to drive you all too crazy in the future.

fap!$69L Humpday item so hurry fast! Geek Glasses- Purple Plaid
=^^= MIAO The Cake Is A Lie- Blue
.: Somnia :. Basic Jeans {Dark Blue}
(SP) Raven Boots
Magika Mia (Brown: Coffee)
*SarahNerd* Sweet Ass Handlebar Mustache


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