Chic Boutique

I am sure everyone has heard of ‘Chic Boutique’.  If not let me give you a rundown.  ‘Chic Boutique’ is a discount shop displaying the newest styles and designs from some of the best creators. Each item ranges between 40-90L. The items are changed out every 2 weeks. Here are a few of the items I enjoyed this time around 🙂 Just don’t tell my wifey I wore this shirt *giggles*



Hair: Billie – Truth

Eyes: Glass Eye – Rozena (Found at Chic Boutique)

Skin: Mae – Barbie Bitch (Found at Chic Boutique)

Top: I think therefore…. – HolliPocket (Found at Chic Boutique)

Skirt: Part of the Britney Outfit – Phoenix Rising

Shoes: Pornstar Xtra Hi-Tops – Urban Bomb Unit

Poses: !Bang



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