Week 6….Yellow with a slight twist

Yesterday I went sim hopping with my good friend’s Katya and Haddazah.  We stumbled upon the Holiday Hill End Sale on the Harold Sim.  It ends the 15th of this month. There are some very good sales.  This suit I am wearing is from Djinn & Tonic.  Only 44L.  Come on, you know you want it!!! (I did enhance the photos a bit on Photoshop.) I am also the newest pair of nails from Virtual/Insanity.  I find these to be easy to put on and edit.  Pretty self explanatory.  I didn’t use to wear nails on SL but the ones from Virtual/Insanity make me giddy.   Thank you Loviathar!

Not only that but close to when I was going to log off Katya handed me a blog talking about ‘a bald challenge.’  (Read about it here: http://coffeesmoke.wordpress.com/2011/01/05/fashionable-bald-a-challenge-within-a-challenge/)  I mean really, how could I pass up the challenge?  Here is my submission to both Week 6 and the Bald Challenge.  Enjoy!

Read more on the 52 week color challenge: http://lunajubilee.com/category/52-weeks-of-color-challenge/


Hair Base: Glass Candy Tattoo Layer in Black – !Lamb

Skin: Isolde in Cachet 36 – Exodi

Outfit: Come Fly With Me Suit – Djinn & Tonic (if you are going to buy this one, make sure you pick the right one: it’s either just the jacket or the full outfit)

Shoes: Ruffle Ankle Boots – CoCo (group gift)

Nails: Bad Words – Virtual/Insanity

Prop: Globetrotter – Storin


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