So I was out shopping today.  And I happened to pick up this bag.  Lo and behold the paparazzi got a bit snap happy and caught me with my goodie bag.  And when I say goodie bag I mean GOODIE bag! Haha.  As you can tell, I didn’t want to be seen walking around with said bag but since I was caught might as well show you right?  (A few items are hunt items so there won’t be direct TPs)


Hair: Amenda in Chocolat – Bliss Couture
(Sorry no direct TP. Try the ZombiePopcorn hunt because its fantabulous!)

Skin: Zoey – Arawra
(Part of the ZombiePopcorn hunt)

Glasses: Katty in Red Mons
(Sorry I do not have a SLURL because it’s down at the moment)

Top: my cropped tank *stripes* – Milk Motion

Bottom: Fashion Tal Dress  – A&A (at TDR)

Bag: Sex Toys bag  – Concrete Flowers
(This is part of a hunt they are in, the TDTH hunt)

Shoes: YS&YS – Tiburon (at TDR)


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