I am sure that you are all well aware of the ZombiePopcorn Hunt going on right now.  This is hunt number 3 for them.  I am not big on hunts but from the very first time I did a ZombiePopcorn Hunt I fell in love and am always looking forward to the next one.  I was going through my items last night and I could not remove these hunt items from [Muted].  It comes complete with clothing, shoes, eyes, shape, and skin.  Also It comes with that back item, called a satek, which I think is uberfantabulous.  I also added the freebie hair Delora from Magika.  Have a gander at the photos below.  (If you want to have at the wonderful prizes, which I will be blogging throughout the week, here is the starting point.  http://slurl.com/secondlife/Sinful%20Desires/144/227/51 You are looking for a little zombie guy in a red & white striped popcorn bag!  It started Dec. 1st and goes on until Dec. 15th)


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