A little something on this Sunday….

I was hanging around with my sissy Colorful and we got in the spirit of the fall…..yeah I know it’s almost winter but we always want it to feel like summer.   Here is a little something we put together.



On Liane (down in front hehe)

Pants: Pink Outffiters Radberry Leggins – black

Top: Fri.day Season.Sweater (Seasons Hunt Gift but there are many other colors)

Shoes: Kookie Vintage Armada Boots

Hair: Truth Drew (blacks & whites)

Skin: Lara Hurley – Milla (With Love Hunt)


On Colorful (the goofball in the back hehe)

Shoes: (even thou u cant see em in the pic)
Obey Boots-Leo Exclusive :::insanya:::   http://slurl.com/secondlife/Sintoma/127/160/25

Hair: Roxana Streaked- Sand >TRUTH< http://slurl.com/secondlife/Truth%20Hair/113/35/27

Skin: Tan Type.o7-L.o2[rQ]


Jeans: Fair Jeans >>> moloko <<< http://slurl.com/secondlife//105/127/25

Sweater: Rainy Day Sweater-Wine (CS) Celestal Studios http://slurl.com/secondlife/Celestial%20City/68/240/27


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