Basic Introduction

Hey all.  My name is Liane Boomhauer.  I am an all around crazy girl.  I love taking photos and have my own photography studio in SL.  You can usually find me looking for stuff in my inventory and just goofing off putting stuff together.  I am starting this blog with my friends Katya Jhamin and Colorful Sinister.  We love everything that has to do with clothing, skin, hair and shoes.  We will be putting our thoughts into different ensembles and showing them to you all.  Hope you enjoy the ride!


Top: [Pink] 9teen Halter Vest (50L until end of Nov. for birthday sale)

Bottom: Moderna Low Rise Denims (50L for the birthday sale)

Tattoo: Bao Bao

Skin: Mons Denira (at The Dressing Room Blue for 2 wks)

Hair: Sonya (blacks & whites)

Shape: Addy (at Plastic Flowers)



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