Hangin’ Tough

I am not quite sure why I have the New Kids on The Block (old school of course) stuck in my head. When I was younger, Hangin’ Tough was one of my favorite songs by them. I saw them in concert a few years ago….I loved it. I want to go to another one of their concerts. Which one was your favorite New Kid on The Block? Let me know in the comments!!





Hair: Wild at Heart – Exile

Skin: Belle – Filthy

Top: Zip Tube Top – The Sugar Garden

Bottom: Lower Baggy! – cheeky

Shoes: F-Wings – 2REAL Footwear

Poses: Marta – Label motion

Parental advisory my a**

So as you all know, I will be on vacation from August 17th until August 25th. I wanted to blog you a little something. I put this together outfit because I felt like I don’t need a sensor on my life. I am not filtering myself for others. *shakes head*


Hair: Chamu – [taketomi]

Skin: Harley <Opaline> (Special Edition) – Pink Fuel

Lips: Hollywood Lip Shine & Smear – Pink Acid

Top: Vest Shirt! – .:cheeky:.

Bottom: Ludicia_leggings – Filthy

Shoes: Obey – [Diktator]

Poses: collabor88 birthday – (marukin)

Just strollin’ along

I woke up in a happy mood today, do not ask me why because I honestly have no idea haha. I just know that today will be a good day and that no one can deter me from that thought.

I have some cute items to show you today, including the new Harley skin from Pink Fuel. It has a freckles add-on!!! I love me some freckles. Enjoy!!


Hair: c607 – Tram

Skin: Harley (in Caramel tone) – Pink Fuel

Necklace: Black Eye – [ glow ] Studio

Tattoo: Infinity – [Atooly]

Shape: Custom – Dani & Co.

Dress: Chain Dress – cheeky

Bottoms: Mesh Leggings – Maitreya

Feet: Barefeet (Arched) – [Gos] Boutique

Poses: [stroll] – .mien.

Wrap that around your skull baby

Oh hai dere! How is everyone doing on this fine day? Oh who am I kidding!!! It’s 100F out and I am hiding in my house so that I don’t melt. It’s insane. But guess what? That gave me the idea of putting this cutie outfit together and blogging for you. Here we go!


Hair: CutiePie – [AUX] (Available at Hair Fair)

Skin: Lina – Filthy (NEW!!!!)

Lipstick: Lip Tar – The Sugar Garden (NEW Gacha in store!!!)

Shape: Custom – Dani & Co

Eyes: Flare – Insufferable Dastard

Tattoo: Infinity – [Atooly]

Dress: Loose Dress – cheeky (NEW!!!!)

Shoes: Admiral Platforms – CandyDoll (NEW!!!!)

Feet: Avatar Enhancement Medium Feet – SLink

Poses: Stand Poses 006-010 – Flash Friendly Poses

And it goes on and on….

I have this song stuck in my head. It’s by will.i.am f/Britney Spears. I love it. Maybe you have heard it before? It’s called Scream and Shout. (You’re welcome for giving you music to the brain! Haha!!!) *dances away*


Hair: Ana – [taketomi]

Eyes: Hypno – The Stringer Masoleum (The Thrift Shop event)

Skin: Rika – CandyDoll

Tattoo: Infinity – [Atooly]

Lips: Pom Pom Lip Shine V2 – Pink Acid

Top: Summer Nights Tube Top – Pink Acid

Bottom: Tiffeny Skirt! – cheeky

Shoes: Lealani – [[KBF]]

Poses: Carrie – label motion

Hoodrat days

Gosh, when it rains I feel like I want to hide out and never show my face again. This weather is super delusional. I would love for the sun to just stay out and be hot all the time. If it’s going to rain, then it needs to rain at night, when I am sleeping, haha. The days when it rains, I need comfortable clothing. And here it is!


Hair: Sylvie – /Wasabi Pills/

Skin: Wednesday II (Moonlight tone) – Essences

Eyes: Lovers eye (Husky) – [the skinnery]

Tattoo: Infinity – [Atooly]

Shape: Potira – *ANNA SHAPES*

Top: Wings Hoodie! – cheeky

Bottom: Daisy Mini – [Miseria]

Shoes: F-Wings – 2Real

Poses: Model Pack 31 – Glitterati

Locked in here…no way out

Sometimes I feel like my brain is trying to tell me to stay within its confined space. To let all my thoughts stay trapped up and let my imagination roll. I like to listen to my brain at times, it keeps me out of trouble……sometimes anyway.


Hair: Bad Reputation – Exile (New!!)

Skin: Wednesday II (in Moonlight Tone) – Essences (New!!)

Top: Anna Half Shirt – cheeky

Bottom: Minka Mini Ruffle – BOOM

Shoes: Sexy Me Heels – *L.inc*

Prop: Padded Cell – !bang

I love by best frand

There aren’t many people on SL that I can say are close to me (or that I am close to for that matter) but this one girl, she holds my heart for sure. She knows when to make me laugh, we can talk about the most random stuff ever and it makes sense to us, and she is just THERE for me. I luff you Dani. (Click the link to see her credits. You can see mine below!)


Hair: Lotus – Truth

Ears: MissieMouse_5 – [(B)Collective]

Eyes: Lovers eye (in Husky) – [theSkinnery]

Skin (for the face): Pussy (tone 10) – The Skin Shop (formerly the body co)

Skin (for the body): Fit body (tone 10) – The Skin Shop (formerly the body co)

Lipstick: Kiss – The Skin Shop (formerly the body co)

Top: Ela Tank – cheeky

Bottom: Tutu Skirt – cheeky

Shoes: BlashGrey&Pinkdirt – BLK 2.0

Me want cookies!!!

So this course I have been taking for school in RL is taking up all my time. I hate it, so much. It’s called Introduction to Photojournalism. The type of assignments I have had are just not interesting to me at all. Thankfully, the course ends on Wednesday, and I am hoping that the next course I will have a bit more time on my hands. I feel like crap that I haven’t been able to blog several times a week. I feel weird blogging just weekly. I can’t wait for it to pick up again! But, here is what I have for you!


Hair: Chaka – Iconic

Skin: Layla Natural (in Coffe) – CandyDoll

Top: Summery Tank Top – Pink Acid

Bottom: Zia Skirt – cheeky

Tights: Ripped Stockings – erratic

Shoes: Gabilo – Kookie

Behind my mask are all those feelings

April has been a very emotional and trying month for me. I am super glad that it is almost over. I can say this though, I can’t believe it’s almost May! That just means that vacation is right around the corner….well not that close but close enough haha.

Well, carry on with your day and see what I have to show you. I hope you enjoy it!


Hair: Girl*28 – Dura

Eyes: Lovers eye (Hazel) – [the Skinnery]

Skin: Summer Skin – Belleza

Top: Tech Shirt – cheeky

Bottom: Skinny Jeans (Shade 1) – CandyDoll

Boots: Crushers<3 Platform Boots – [LW]